#NewMayDays Day 3: Bone Marrow Register

Today two of my housemates and I headed round the corner to Trinity College to sign ourselves onto the UK's bone marrow register. The event was run by student volunteers for Anthony Nolan, a charity that helps those in need of stem cell transplants due to blood cancer or other disorders. The process was incredibly easy - all that was involved was filling out a form and spitting into a tube, all in the glorious sunshine of Trinity's inner quad and with a reward of home-baked brownies. It really couldn't have been simpler. Due to the number of factors at play it's actually quite unlikely to be a match for anyone, especially in the first year of registration, but in the event the process of stem-cell donation really isn't as horrifying as it's often portrayed - in fact, 90% of people end up doing it through a procedure almost as simple as giving blood, with no operation or marrow extraction involved. I think an internal dilemma we often face when donating blood or signing up to donor registers is the question of whether we're doing it for the right reasons: am I a caring person or do I just like to feel self-righteous? I'm not entirely sure what the answer is for me personally, but ultimately it does not really matter. One day you may end up being a match for someone out of options, and whether that's because you're a saint or just like to feel smug probably won't matter to whoever's life you might be saving.