Newmaydays Day 12: Electra


Today we had our first open-air and on-set rehearsal for the New College classics play, Euripides's Electra. Every year Classics tutor and all-round ancient and excellent guy David Raeburn directs a Greek play in the beautiful space of New College's cloisters; as a fresher I was roped in to do sound and lighting at the last minute, and two years on I've been gloriously upgraded to cast member. The play charts the deeply-dislikable Electra's vengeful plot against her murderess mother Clytemnestra (me) plus lover Aegisthus, assisted by her weedy brother Orestes. It's a very unusual take on the myth aided by a brand new translation by David himself, and I don't want to give too much away, but it's going to be jolly good. I only appear in one scene - it's a good'un I can promise you - and the run is from June 5th-8th. Come and see me dressed like the Queen Mum.