#NewMayDays: Days 14-17

Another selection of odds and ends of new things from a squelchy work week full of procrastination and glorious weather:

I witnessed a real spring sunrise in Oxford for the first time - over the New College sports ground to be more precise. The weather here has been GLORIOUS.

I branched out from my standard sandwicherie of choice (the Alternative Tuck Shop) to the highly-recommended (and rather classier) Olives, on the High Street. My goats cheese/roasted vegetable/salami baguette was pretentious and yet oh so delicious.

  • I ordered my first copy of the Dark Mountain magazine(/book), a publication from a network of creative sorts who write about the world as we know it coming to an end - but in more of an anti-capitalist/environmental awareness way than the crazy cult vibe. I was turned onto it by Nick Hunt's superb book that I have been raving about elsewhere; he's a big contributor.
  • I finally got round to using my cousin's Christmas gift of a cupcake maker (basically a baking version of a George Foreman) and made several fluffy baked items for some friends and housemates. Noone was enormously impressed, but I'm hoping results will improve once I work out the measurements more precisely than the incredibly vague and also quite scary French instructions (SOYEZ PRUDENT! PAS TROP LONGTEMPS!).