#NewMayDays Day 22: DEMOCRACY

Today I got to vote in my first election. When it comes to university politics I am completely unengaged - my diary of absenteeism this week alone includes failure to vote in the NUS referendum, our college presidential election, and the recent JCR committee selections - but though I'm perfectly happy to allow other people to shoulder the responsibility and the blame for those decisions my attitude to these European elections is rather different. When it comes to having a say in who we send to represent us outside of our self-obsessed isle I refuse to trust a population that allows the existence of such lunacy as the English Democrats ("not British, not EUropean, but English!") and the Harmony Party ("zero immigration, anti-EU, pro-jobs") with the future of our voice on the continent. I mean, it really takes seeing this rubbish in black and white taking up half of my polling card to believe it. Of course the real horror of this election is the monstrous joke-become-a-nightmarish-reality of UKIP and the human turd that is Nigel Farage... but right now it is 1am and I won't go into why I relished my suffrage today in not voting for any of the isolationist far right that have ridden the crest of the recession wave to an absurd position of unearned legitimacy.

But seriously Farage, go and fall down a fucking well.